The state of New Jersey passed a “landmark” legislation for electric vehicle owners to launch a new decade. With EV adopters on the rise, Governor Phil Murphy announced incentives worth up to $5,000 and an extended $500 rebate for a home charging system installation.  The incentive program will be managed by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, which deducts $25 per mile of an “electric-only vehicle’s range” from the price of the actual vehicle, with a $5,000 cap.

According to Murphy in a recent article,

“New Jersey will take its rightful place as a leader in the EV revolution that is changing the way Americans drive, and the concept of what it means to fill it up.”  

400 new electric charging stations are slated for installation around the state, which will make it easier for commuters that want to transition to EV. Overall, there are now well over a million electric cars on the road in the United States with the help from companies like Tesla, Ford and Mercedez-Benz. 

You can find out exactly how much in rebates your car is eligible for by using our New Jersey Electric Vehicle Incentives calculator.

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