How to receive New Jersey electric vehicle credit

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law new electric vehicle incentives. These incentives apply to vehicle purchased after January 17th 2020 that can be driven on electric alone and a priced under $55,000. Right now these eligible vehicles could warrant up to $5,000 in rebate incentives but the question is, “How do I get New Jersey Electric Vehicle Rebate Incentives?”

The answer is this; you will receive your rebate, but not yet. The program is so new that the actual mechanics of redemption haven’t been put in place yet. Phil Murphy has stated that the Board of Public Utilities is currently working on the application process and that it will be available at the end of June. A representative from Tesla confirmed that vehicle purchases made after January 17th are eligible for incentives and that purchasers will be able to apply for incentives once the process is in place. Telsa also confirmed that once the process is in place the rebate incentives will be available to purchasers right at the sale with the incentives being reflected right in the purchase price.

Current purchasers of electric vehicles and in home charging will be able to apply end of June/beginning of July.

You can check to see how much you are eligible in Electric Vehicle Incentives by using our calculator below.

New Jersey Electric Vehicle Incentives
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