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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently announced a new initiative in the battle against climate change, which will leverage “land-use” rules that specify where property developers can build which in turn should limit that amount of emissions released into the air.  It will be the first state to require that these builders consider the impact of climate change (including rising sea levels) in order to be awarded government approval for new projects.

Per Executive Order, Murphy requires the Department of Environmental Protection for these regulations to be in full effect by January 2022. The move is part of an effort across US state to use these types of regulations that directly address climate change threats and to also as a response to the Trump Administration’s aggressive environmental rollbacks from earlier this year. Per Murphy in a recent interview, “This is not abstract for us … This is real. The dangers are there.”

The Garden State’s environmental push is considered to be the most broad yet most specific attempt at limited emissions. The latest is in addition to the state’s goal of producing 100% clean energy by 2050. As the New York times pointed in a recent article, “It is hard to dispute the impact of climate change on New Jersey and its 130 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline.”  A recent study conduct by Rutgers University discovered that the sea level is rising more than twice as fast than the global average, and expected to rise by an entire foot by 2030.

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