Eco EV Bus

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, windows of opportunity with clean energy and fuel are showing the importance of reducing overall carbon emissions in regards to health. With the potential to be the “workhorses of a clean energy future”, electric vehicles can help reduce pollution that people breathe  — about 30-45% of the urban pollution in North America live near a busy road. 

This poses a risk for lung function for children who live or attend school near these roads, which would be nearly eliminated with the use of EV. Large, gasoline-burning vehicles are on track to double within the next 30 years at a time when reducing emissions has never been more important.  To reverse this trend, the US, China and Europe must be leading the way to a transition as a critical part of a 100% clean economy.

By 2030:

·         At least 80% of new transit buses should be electric.

·         At least 50% of new school buses should be electric.

·         At least 40% of new work trucks should be electric.

·         At least 25% of new regional tractors should be electric.

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