Electric Vehicle Lyft Fleet

In June, popular rideshare company Lyft announced aggressive goals to electrify every vehicle by 2030. This would include any that Lyft itself owns and rents to drivers, as well the ones that the drivers own.

The initiative will prove to be challenging, as the majority of the drivers on their platform own their own vehicles. It will require establishing policies that make EV affordable and beneficial to all Lyft drives within the next 10 years.

Managing Director of the Environmental Defense Fund, Elizabeth Strucken, said recently “Lyft is committed to using the most powerful tool we have to fight climate change: policy influence.”

The business plans to work with regulators across city, regional, state and federal levels that would ultimately help reduce upfront costs of electric vehicles, which will help the drivers save money in comparison the gasoline-powered alternative. Lyft Director of Sustainability, Sam Arons, already said they were able to work with Colorado Governor Jared Polis in modifying the state’s law around EV tax credits.

The result? Lyft was able to spearhead the “largest ride-hailing deployment in the US” with 200 electric vehicles in the Denver area. The plan is to replicate this with other policymakers throughout the US.   Read more: https://bit.ly/2OvcaAH

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