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Lyft Announces 100% EV Goal by 2030

In June, popular rideshare company Lyft announced aggressive goals to electrify every vehicle by 2030. This would include any that Lyft itself owns and rents to drivers, as well the ones that the drivers own. The initiative will prove to be challenging, as the majority of the drivers on their platform own their own vehicles. […]

The Push to Electrify Trucks & Buses

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, windows of opportunity with clean energy and fuel are showing the importance of reducing overall carbon emissions in regards to health. With the potential to be the “workhorses of a clean energy future”, electric vehicles can help reduce pollution that people breathe  — about 30-45% of the urban […]

EV: Invest Now, Save Longterm

A new study by the Department of Energy discovered that long term costs associated with owning an electric vehicle in the United States is thousands of dollars less than those that are powered with gasoline.  On average, an electric vehicle owner will save anywhere between $3,000 and $10,500 in comparison over a 15-year projection – […]

New Jersey’s Progress in Battling Climate Change

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently announced a new initiative in the battle against climate change, which will leverage “land-use” rules that specify where property developers can build which in turn should limit that amount of emissions released into the air.  It will be the first state to require that these builders consider the impact […]

How do I receive New Jersey Electric Vehicle Rebate?

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law new electric vehicle incentives. These incentives apply to vehicle purchased after January 17th 2020 that can be driven on electric alone and a priced under $55,000. Right now these eligible vehicles could warrant up to $5,000 in rebate incentives but the question is, “How do I get […]

New Jersey Adding 14 Gigawatts of Solar by 2035

With health gains factored in, the cost of clean energy is lower than fossil fuels. The Garden State just published an “Energy Master Plan” in order to meet a 17-gigawatt solar goal by 2035, which includes 3 gigawatts of current solar capacity. While considered an aggressive target, the number is achievable by adding 950 megawatts […]